Gun Rights

They say our rights are all equal and none is more important than any other. I would agree on this except without the second amendment, how can one protect all of their other rights?

You must remember; this amendment was not written about hunting or target shooting. It was written so that We The People can stand against an out of control government. Which is my belief we are quickly approaching.

I feel that, as a law-abiding citizen, it is not only my right but responsibility to maintain a militia that is under no control, and free and independent of the government.

I feel that if my government has a weapon, I too should have the availability of that weapon to defend against the government as needed.

It has been proven time and time again that gun control has an effect on crime. When you limit a person’s ability to defend their other rights it increases crime. Look at the difference between say Boise the largest city in Idaho and Detroit the once largest city in Michigan. I won’t show you boring numbers and stats but state it plainly. Criminals do not mug and assault people who might be packing a gun.

We need good, solid, stand your ground legislation in Idaho. I would urge each citizen to start fighting the agenda-driven establishment. They have done nothing for you.

Vote for Idaho, not the establishment!

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