The U.S. and Idaho Constitution are both important documents to me. Our founders wrote them with a very specific plan for our governments.

These documents, especially the US Constitution, speak of a time when freedoms, we currently have did not exist and our founders wanted to ensure that they would always be in place for the future generations of this country.

I believe that God was an important part of the founding of this country and that the lack of God in the country is what is slowly destroying it.

I feel that every aspect of both constitutions US and Idaho should be protected from distortion and destruction. I will not stand by any convention of the states or constitutional convention. We do not need to modify or amend these documents and doing so dilutes their true meaning. Statute and Code are sufficient to accomplish many of the issues that people feel require these drastic measures.

Our constitutions are the laws of the land. Protecting their integrity is of the greatest importance. If we start letting lawmakers mess around with it, God only knows what will will end up with, which of our rights they will walk on, and what new powers they will give themselves.

We must remember that these documents were not written to give powers to the government. They were written to limit the power that the government has over us.

Do we really want to go back to being ruled?

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