Overregulation leads to two things. 1: Loss of freedoms and liberties 2: Excessive taxation.

The government was designed to protect and serve the people, not to regulate and rule them. Many of us and those we choose to represent us have forgotten this.

Every rule or regulation, our government puts into place, not only takes power from where it belongs but places it where it does not. It restricts the rights and liberties of free citizens. It creates a bureaucracy that requires the government to grow. That growth comes at a cost. It creates a living growing beast. Its only goal is to grow and take more.

Government waste is out of control. Not only in spending, but also growth. Yes, growth is a waste. We do not need the government to control and regulate every aspect of our life.

We are a society founded on law. However, most of our regulations are not laws. The reason they are not is simple. They would be found to be unconstitutional and not within the scope of government responsibility.

In 1946, the APA (administrative procedures act) was made a statute by the federal government. This was done after the government figured out that it could use administrative rules to regulate and control the people, instead of itself.

The APA allows the government to make a rule that has the same effect as law without being burdened by the process of making a law. Almost all Administrative rules are produced by the Executive branch of government. Think of an agency you know of that goes by 3 or 4 letters and trace it back to which branch of government it reports to… DOJ? EPA? DEQ? FBI? CIA? DHW? Etc.

To make this short. These rules are made by these agencies and affect you the same way a law would. They, however, only have to be approved by one group of lawmakers, not both. Most of the time these rules take away any Due Process. Try to get a day in court.

Audit and abolish all rules that infringe on our rights!

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