Tony Ullrich for Idaho

The True Constitutionalist for District 23 State Rep, Seat B

Government is out of control. They say we don’t have enough taxes, enough rules, and enough regulations. I say they are wrong!

About Tony

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Why I’m Running

I believe that Idaho can remain a free state regulated by the people and not the government.

Education is an important part of remaining free. Knowledge is power. We have not properly educated our youth on the proper roles of government for many years.

Our government and the establishment do not want educated voters questioning what they do. We need to put control of our education system back into its proper place. The government can’t even control its self, yet we feel they are the right group to educate and decide what is best for the next generation. I say wrong. We know what is best for our kids not some bureaucrat in Washington.

All of our government is out of control. They say we don’t have enough taxes, enough rules, and enough regulations. I say they are wrong. We don’t have a taxing problem; we have a spending problem. It’s not that we don’t have enough rules, it’s that we have too many. Remember, every new rule requires more spending or another agency to oversee it. Stop the waste. Put government back in its place. Limit it to, nothing more than, the powers that we originally delegated to it. Our founders revolted over a 3% tax on tea and yet we don’t even bat an eye at what we give our government today.

Stop infringing on any right of the people. It is spelled out pretty clearly in the US and State constitution. Quit twisting the words to suit your agenda. Stop trying to legislate morals. It just can’t and won’t work.

I cannot promise you how I would vote on any bill until I have read it. I can tell you, that if it violates any right, in any way I will vote against it. If it limits the ability of the government to control the people, I will vote for it. If it grows the government, I will fight against it. Our freedom and liberty is not something I take lightly. I will demand that the state challenge any new rule or regulation pushed on us by the federal government. I will stand and fight for the people. For what is true and just.

I am for open and honest government. I will never stand for backdoor deals and closed-door meetings.

Platform and Agenda


I believe that our founding fathers wrote the Constitution to say exactly what they meant it to say. No interpretation is needed or required.

Gun Rights

The second amendment is straightforward. Shall not be infringed is plain.

Right to Life

Life begins at conception.

State Sovereignty

The powers of the Federal Government are limited and enumerated, and should never override the powers of the state.


The powers delegated to the government by the people are for the protection of the people, not the regulation of them.

Medical Marijuana and CBD Oil

I believe in and have seen the benefit of both. Legalization is a huge benefit to those that need it.